1. Product/Application Development

Your product/application is what connects you with your customers. Excelasol helps you integrate your business with applications to achieve the targeted market goals. With experience, tools and dedicated application models, we enable you to accomplish the technological goals of your organization.

Our services consist of sketching the architectural roadmap for new applications, designing and developing applications. Our solutions can be tailored to fulfill your applications needs. We are also able to integrate your existing application with the new advanced one, enhancing your applications to better meet the changing market and organization requirements.

2. Staffing

IT staffing services helps your company to hire skilled IT personnel and fill specific roles of your company, on temporary, permanent or contract basis. Employees are the most essential part who contribute significantly to an organization's success. Our staffing solution helps you secure that important component.

Initially, we begin with understanding your business targets and the staff requirements of your current and future state. We then plan a workforce staffing approach to get the right people, skills and competencies in place where you need them.

3. IT Outsourcing

Globally, Companies seek ways to be much more effective and reduce costs. The basic belief of business and software development outsourcing is to do what you know the best and outsource everything else. With the ever improving communication technology, virtual networking and task management systems, the offshore software development has become much more reachable and feasible. Excelasol offshore development has resulted in improved processes for servicing clients and encouraged practices of hiring virtual IT employees.

4. Quality Assurance

Excelasol has consistently met client's expectations by consistently assuring that processes are in place to reliably deliver the highest quality services. Our solutions are quality tested on various levels and varied technologies.

We develop the test plans according to our client's requirement and with the test automation technology; we deliver them a highly maintainable, automated solution that allows them to:

  • Reduce test cycle time
  • Increase coverage
  • Improve test accuracy
  • Accelerate market